5 Benefits Of Having A Custom Finance Calculator

Finance Calculators

Why would you need a mobile-first web application for your finance company? Here’s our top 5 reasons.

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Secure a competitive advantage

Providing a fast, easy & transparent way for your potential customers to generate a quote or estimate can lead to increased engagement, trust in your service and an overall enhanced user experience.

In todays market, customers expectations for businesses to have online tools is far greater than ever before. If you can make a lasting first impression, it can mean the difference between securing a customer or offering them up to a competitor who may be one step ahead.

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Take a load off customer service

Being overloaded with enquiries is never a bad thing, but how you handle that volume matters.

Having a tool that can answer frequently asked questions or more complicated scenarios based on income & loan amounts can ease the flow of incoming calls or live chats.

Never miss a lead

Better yet, we can integrate with chat bots such as continual.ly to send the data generated in your calculator/app right to the person on the other side, taking out the time spent asking complex questions.

Email capture is another big part. Worried if someone will generate an estimate on your calculator and then bounce? Secure the results behind an email capture field so you can follow up with customers later.

Graphs & PDF generation

Most people understand better with a visual aid. Whether it’s a small infographic or a full graph showing the amortisation, your customers get a more clear and transparent picture of the loan term and payment schedule.

People like seeing things on paper. Providing the ability for your customers to save and print PDF reports of their calculations allows them to refer back to the data at a later date, or for comparison.

Mobile first

Who doesn’t have a smart phone these days? Studies show that there are now more people using their phones on a daily basis than desktop computers. Use this to your advantage! Allow your users to harness the full experience of your calculator within the palm of their hands using our mobile first development approach.

What’s mobile first? It’s a standard of development where the content is created for phone screens first and foremost, and then optimising for larger screens second. This approach ensures the best experience for mobile users.

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