What is a web app & how can it help you grow your business?

A “web app” is software that runs on the web. Unlike other applications that need downloading to your computer or from the app store, web apps run within your browser. They’re fast and responsive – perfect, everyone is too busy for anything less!

Web apps work for you

“The bottom line is that organisations must deliver a reliable, consistent mobile experience to grow and protect increasingly important mobile device revenue streams and customer interactions, even under the most demanding situations.”

Jyoti Bansal, founder and CEO, AppDynamics

AppDynamics have conducted an incredible study on app attention span. The study is around native mobile applications, but as we all know that industry is slowly dying. The same concepts and thought patterns can be directly related to mobile web applications, especially once PWA’s take off. Here’s what we think is holding PWA’s back.

Unless your application is an absolute monster, you don’t need it to be standalone anymore. It’s far more cost effective, accessible and easier to maintain a web application than ever before. Furthermore, they generate you traffic, leads and profit!

Web apps are tools

“Mobile is about instant gratification but often out of necessity rather than desire.”

Dr Chris Brauer

People will always need tools to get results. People want results faster than ever, if your business can help your customer get the information they want faster and easier than your competitors, you’ve got yourself a leading edge.

Anyway, enough with the chit chat. So, how can a web app help you? In about 101 different ways, if you haven’t read our other post on lead generation, be sure to read it here.

Have an awesome idea for a web app? Wan’t to talk about how something like this could work for your business? We’d love to talk about it with you and offer our advice – no strings attached!

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