What’s stoping you from taking your business online?

We’re fortunate that the internet is so accessible, and easy to adopt for businesses. If you think it’s too hard, or won’t work for your business then you’re either overthinking it or don’t understand it. There’s nothing wrong with overthinking it or not understanding it as long as you’re making an effort to try and not leaving it in the “too hard basket”. Let’s break down these two presumptions of taking your business online.

Overthinking it

So you’re overthinking it. Whether this is in the form of thinking about all of the different social platforms to manage, customers to respond to, creating content or even thinking your content isn’t good enough and feel a sense of shame or judgement for creating content it’s all a matter of thinking about it for too long. When you think about something for too long, you almost always hesitate and second guess yourself.

Does this post have enough facts? No. Has someone else written a better blog about this? Probably. Am I adding enough value? Probably not. Will people judge me for my opinions? Absolutely. None of this should cause you to sit on content and wait for a magical breakthrough. The fast paced nature of the internet, especially on social media means you should be releasing as much content as you can, consistently. If you’re putting content out for the world to see, all of the above is going to be true, but this should only fuel you to continue to improve.

Not understanding it

Couldn’t have said it better Donald. Not understanding the nature of the internet, social media and growing a business online should not discourage you to learn. Google is free and information is free! If you stop learning and think you know it all about business then you’re dead in the water. If you hire a decent web developer, they can do all of the heavy lifting for you.

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