How to generate more leads.

Generating leads is a cornerstone of all businesses who operate online. If you’re here, I’m sure you know what a lead is, although you might be stumped as to how to increase the volume you receive. In this brief article, I’ll give you a neat idea to generate more leads. And as a result, build your customer database and bring in more traffic to your website all at the same time, without lifting a finger.

Building your customer database is no easy feat. Collecting emails and other information from your customers is a challenge we all face. How can you convince your audience to hand over this critical data? Good news – I don’t have a list of 20+ ways to do it, I have a single answer.

Provide value

You must be providing value to your audience. Whether in the form of insightful information, free downloads, consultations or something else. Offering a strong incentive in exchange for their email is always the best bet. What if there was another way? A more interactive method that made their already busy lives easier.

If you’ve got a spare half hour, HubSpot do a really great piece on lead generation. Check it out.

Offering a small web application or calculator on your website can improve the likelihood of a visitor becoming a customer, especially if you can filter them in to your sales funnel and marketing automation. I can’t answer this question for you without insight into your business, but could a calculator benefit you? I am not talking about a “1 + 1 = 2” type calculator, think bigger. Reservation estimations, finance or mortgage calculators, assembly calculators, quoting calculators. The list can literally go on and on if you think deep about it.

What are your competitors doing? Can you improve on it? How can you provide better value, faster with more accessibility? Innovate your industry and generate more leads!

If you’d like to chat about your business and how a calculator will work for you, we would be excited to share our thoughts and opinions – no strings attached. We’re all about helping businesses thrive online!

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